3D World is project which is established to create big virtual worlds with big world size and high level of detail.

It includes both outdoor and indoor engine. There is no limit in camera position like in many games. All objects are visible from all angles. These enables to drive a car, yacht, helicopter,airplane and other vehicles. You can diving too, drive a submarine. Mountains aren't bitmaps, like in most of today games. They are real 3D objects. On each mountain You can climb or drive. From each mountain You have great look at valley or sea. See the screenshots.

REVOLUTION!!!Why? Small worlds in this game are 400 square kilometers big!!! World loading with all textures, 3D objects and terrain data took about 25 seconds. On computer with 128 MB RAM world can be big 12000 square miles!!! There are many countries which are smaller than worlds in this demo. Yes, world can be so big and we can enter in any house, climb on every mountain, diving, driving cars, flying with airplane. So far this world has very good infrastructure. 5 different types of roads, including speedway, bridges, tunnels. Here are church, seaports, lighthouses, jumbo posters, banks, shops, apartments, houses, hotels, beach, fields, village houses and more. Read INFO for details.

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Atlana Software

Virtual 3D Worlds

Creator: Berislav Skupnjak, Varazdin


From 20.08.2000.














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