Read TEHNICAL for details.

3D World

Size of 3D World maps are about 400 square miles (which is hunderts time biger than average 3D game). Loading of so big world takes about 5 seconds (without compression). Another 5 seconds is used to load 550 3D objects (houses, bridges, trees)... There will be more different 3D objects in future.

3D World has no limits in camera movement. Everything is visible from all angles. In some games if camera goes too high (on about 15 meters from ground) You can see that houses have no roofs or edge of water in distance.

Here is that different. World is visible on few kilometers. It use no deep fog for speeding up rendering like in some games.

This 3D World is good for both aeroplane simulation and indoor FPS.

In some driving games only thing You see is 300 meters wide area where is road and by road is forest, clifs or houses. We wanted to make game where You can see arond on all sides and see kilometers away.


Yes, there is still bugs in engine, but they will be solved. For example pixels around trees or tiled sky, but this is only in development stage.


Textures in this demo won't be used in final product. We used few textures from few popular games, but most of them are created by us. Soon we will have fully ours, new, better textures.

Don't forget to see screenshots!